Wingham Fisheries is a prestigious carp fishing syndicate set within 169 acres of idyllic Kent countryside. We have over 80 acres of glorious waters surrounded by river banks, wild grassland areas, fen type vegetation and dense woodland.  


These former gravel pits have now been restored to an utterly peaceful, flourishing wildlife haven. An incredibly diverse habitat surrounds the lakes and provides great sanctuary to all its inhabitants, including over 200 species of birds, who's song is the only sound for miles. For the eager birdwatcher, Nightingales are heard here regularly, and Osprey are often spotted during their migration.


More importantly however, the area is home to two glorious carp fishing lakes, and some of the largest and most renowned carp in the country. This closely monitored and tranquil environment, paired with low density fish stocking, encourages aquatic vegetation and increases the large number of aquatic wildlife. The knock on effect is the rapid natural growth and health of our fish, which is an integral feature of the preservation and integrity of the lakes.


The ethos of Wingham Fisheries and the skill and respect of our members provide the key to preserving the future of the lakes and its wildlife. We have limited membership allocation and strict rules must be followed. 

All our fish are true British carp and with newly installed stock ponds Wingham Fisheries has a fully self-sufficient breeding programme, creating our fish of the future. We have four ponds and a large indoor fish tank that allows us to grow up to five year classes on site. Once we achieve weights of 7lb plus we have new fish that can be introduced into our lakes, replenishing any fish lost over the years and creating a competitive nature.