The illustrious 'Carp Lake' is the smaller of the two lakes here at Wingham, occupying approximately 15 acres of rich and plentifully stocked water. With a maximum of 30 syndicate members, these British bred carp enjoy very low fishing pressure, something which is unique to the Wingham lakes. This, combined with an abundance of natural food has encouraged them to grow quickly and flourish. Wingham's first 30 lber was caught at just 7 years old. Today, the majority of carp caught across the lake weigh in at well over 30 lbs. 


We now have many beautiful fish within the 40 lb bracket (at least four commons and two mirrors) and approximately six 50 lb plus. These include commons weighing 51-07, 55-08, 59-08 and an incredible mirror of 65-04 known as Black Spot. 


We are currently full on the Carp lake, but to apply to be on the waiting list please send us a message via our website, which can be found on both the Home page and Contact pages. We'll then send you an application form to fill out.




The 'Main Lake' is the larger of the two lakes at Wingham and has only been open to new syndicate members since 2015. If you consider yourself an experienced carp angler looking for a more challenging and mysterious water to fish, then our Main Lake will certainly add the degree of difficulty you desire.


It is approximately 40 acres in size, has a maximum of 80 syndicate members and contains the same rich waters that are prominent throughout all our lakes. Lightly stocked, fast growing British carp have populated the lake with the same growth theory as the Carp Lake. Younger and more successful fish now inhabit this wonderful lake and weights are due to surpass the Carp Lake in the near future. 


The Main Lake has already achieved multiple 30lbers and 40lbers, with four 50lb+ Carp being banked. One young female weighed in at 59-04 in mid April, so most likely yet to reach its heaviest. Most of the members on this lake like to say they have seen bigger, now becoming captivated by the challenge of what may lie beneath.

We are currently looking for new members on our Main lake, please get in touch if you would like to apply for a membership. Send us a message via our website, which can be found on both the Home and Contact pages. We'll then send you an application form for you to fill out. 




Due to its size and low stock density of carp, our Main Lake contains a wonderful variety of other species. With plenty of room to grow and a plethora of natural food to go around, tench, pike, roach and rudd all thrive. This happy balance allows our members to have the rare advantage of fishing for top weights across all species. Our tench last year topped 12lb and this winter our anglers enjoyed pike up to 28lb. With our carp proving elusive at the best of times, it’s nice to get a bend in the rod every now and again from a simple lure rod.


Many lakes remove other species to allow more room for carp but at Wingham we pride ourselves on allowing our Main Lake to flourish. Don’t get me wrong, catching a tench on your carp rod can be frustrating but the joy of the fight is always rewarding when a lovely double figure beauty is landed on the bank.

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